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Assessments, fees and charges are imposed by the Association in accordance with Georgia Code and the Association’s Declaration.  Annual assessments are due and payable on the fifteenth day of January and become delinquent thirty days thereafter.  As provided by law, delinquent assessments are subject to late charges and interest.  Together with the cost of collection, all such assessment charges become a continuing lien on the property and the personal obligation of the owner.  The Association may bring an action at law against the owner who is personally obligated to pay the same or to foreclose the lien against the property.

Do not contact the Board of Directors with account inquiries.  All member assessments, fees and charges are managed, billed and collected by Community Association Management, LLC (CAM). 
Prior to making any payment on a delinquent account, please contact CAM to obtain the current account balance.   All account inquiries and billing requests must be made to CAM, as follows:

IF BY MAIL:  Magnolia Ridge HOA
                           P.O. Box 143089
                           Fayetteville, GA 30214

IF BY PHONE:  (770) 692-0152

CAM WEBSITE:  www.camga.com

Account payments may be made by check or money order mailed to CAM at the above address.  Payment by Credit Card or Electronic Check is available on the CAM website, with a service charge set by the Credit Card Processor.

NOTE:  CAM performs in an accounts-receivable mode only and has no signature authority on any association accounts.  The Association Treasurer pays all bills from material and service providers, and all billings and inquiries about payments should be made to the Association Treasurer.